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Washington Media Group is known for its strategic planning, problem solving and on-point messaging. We prepare our clients before the storm arrives, quickly position them with the best tactics when it hits, and move forward to fix any reputational fallout.

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When a crisis occurs, regulatory agencies, interest groups, attorneys generals, plaintiff lawyers and occasionally the Department of Justice come knocking. Now the media is adding their own damaging narratives and you’ve found yourself in a full-blown crisis communications scenario.

Washington Media Group understands the unique needs of our corporate partners and can turn down the heat to make a crisis situation go away – all while reducing potential exposure and repairing damaged reputations.

We manage the communications process during any legal dispute or adjudicatory processing to improve outcomes and protect our client’s overall reputation.

Reputational consequences from legal disputes often reverberate far beyond the walls of the courtroom. Washington Media Group excels at artful messaging strategy that sets the record straight. 

We’ve mitigated multi-million dollar fines by the Department of Justice against large financial institutions as well as fought costly misinformation on behalf of a defense contractor regarding legal chemical use. WMG saves our clients millions in legal fees and potential penalties.

Whether it’s influencing legislatures to take action or persuading local commissioners to approve a project, an effective public affairs campaign requires navigating the political environment and crafting the smart, strategic programs to navigate your way to sucesss.

Washington Media Group have been managing public affairs campaigns since our founding in 2005. We are experts at government relations, media communications, issue management, information dissemination, and strategic advice.

Strong reputations don’t form out of thin air. Most often, the strongest corporate reputations are intentional and carefully crafted stakeholder perceptions that take on the persona of its leadership. 

Washington Media Group understands reputation management and are experts at the practice of influencing public conversations about an organization and its brand. We have the experience and expertise to maximize organizational strengths and seize opportunities to proactively boost a reputation.

To date, WMG has saved our clients $135,057,598

WMG Capabilities

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Legislative or Regulatory Solutions

Due Diligence / Investigations

Public Relations in Support of Litigation

Media Training

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Reputation Management

WMG Services

Our network of contract lobbyists throughout the country are invaluable when needing to move the needle inside a state capitol.

Providing the guidance and expertise to build an organizations wellbeing and create a more inclusive workplace as well as a more diverse roadmap for recruiting and hiring new employees.

Companies and organizations that are in the public eye who don’t have a CSR plan are setting themselves up for a bumpy road ahead.

Bridging the gap between your organization and stakeholders by monitoring the environment to identify issues and trends, adapt to changes, etc.

Paid advertising for all mediums including television, streaming, radio, digital, print, and opinion columns.

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Podcasting • Video Production • Advertising

Engage Your Audience with Podcasting

Most Super Bowl commercials are just 30 seconds. The costs involved are astronomical, and ultimately very little information is conveyed to the audience. In the past decade, we’ve seen podcasts emerge as the new frontier of media. Where else can you hear a longform discussion on emerging green energy technology, or an intensive recap of the finale of Game of Thrones? Given that podcasts are infinitely more cost effective to produce than Super Bowl ads, podcasting opens up a world of possibilities for conveying complex messaging to a targeted audience.

Legacy media outlets have recently thrown their hat into the ring to try and break into podcasting, but they often misunderstand what makes podcasts popular. Podcasts are not the radio. Highly scripted and produced segments sound nice, but what drives podcasts’ popularity is the depth of conversation. There is simply no other viable communication medium to engage your audience and hold their attention for 20-60 minutes. You probably don’t need to make 3 hour long episodes, but it’s easy to understand how much more information can be conveyed in a free-flowing, 3 hour conversation than a 30 second commercial. 

Should you make a podcast?  Most podcasts never make it past 10 episodes. Persistence is simply part of the equation. Can you offer a unique perspective on an issue? Do you have an audience? Do you have more than 30 seconds worth of information you need to convey?

Can you afford not to have a podcast?

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