Melissa Ovard

Senior Counsel

Melissa is the CEO and Co-Founder of WMG’s partner firm Snowbird Consulting Group, helping organizations translate complex issues and scenarios around compliance to organizational policies and laws that govern the American workplace. Her primary role is to represent the voice of the employee and to provide strategic communications and messaging into narrative that is relatable, understandable, and actionable. Melissa has over 15 years of corporate communications and change management experience with organizations such as Mercer Delta Consulting and Marsh & McLennan. She’s developed workplace campaigns and provided advising and training to various Fortune 500 companies such as BloombergGov, McKinsey, AARP Foundation, and across multiple U.S. government agencies. She has served as a trial and jury consultant, further honing her understanding of how unconscious bias affects the effectiveness of communication and how it influences the perception of others.


Bachelor of Arts, English and Technical Writing, Brigham Young University