Greg Vistica

Greg Vistica

Chairman & CEO

Gregory Vistica is the Chairman and CEO of Washington Media Group, Inc., an award-winning communications, advocacy, advertising and research firm. A founding member of the firm, Mr. Vistica has shaped WMG into one of Washington, DC’s most trusted and successful communications companies.

Mr. Vistica provides discreet communication services to Fortune 100, startups, foreign governments and non-profit clients worldwide. A respected crisis management and media turn-around expert, he has led integrated communication campaigns to support and protect public policy goals and corporate and individual reputations. He advises C-suite executives, general counsels and regulatory officials in leading financial, environmental, defense, water and energy companies.

Prior to WMG, Mr. Vistica was a noted investigative journalist for Newsweek, 60 Minutes II, The New York Times Magazine and The Washington Post. With nearly 20 years of experience, he understands the media and is close to the nation’s top editors, reporters, and producers.

He is the recipient of the George Polk Award, a Peabody and was a Pulitzer Prize finalist, among other awards and recognitions.

Mr. Vistica is the author of “The Education of Lieutenant Kerrey,” a book about Senator Bob Kerrey and Vietnam, and “Fall From Glory: The Men Who Sank the U.S. Navy,” a contemporary history based on his breaking the Tailhook scandal.

A native of the San Francisco Peninsula, Mr. Vistica resides in the Washington, D.C. area.