Pledging Global Climate Action at COP15

Client: 30x30 Ocean Alliance

Services Rendered

  • Video Production
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Media Relations

At the end of 2022, WMG crafted a media campaign on behalf of 30×30 Ocean Alliance to encourage world leaders to pledge climate action at the U.N.’s COP15 Biodiversity Conference in Montreal.  Currently, the security of Earth’s food supply is at risk with one million species at risk of extinction by 2050.  By pledging to protect 30% of land and oceans by 2030, we can help reduce the risk of future food insecurity.

Utilizing a targeted social media and op-ed placements from biodiversity experts, the campaign pressured world leaders to take the 30×30 pledge.  In less than two weeks the ads generated over 1.7M impressions, as a landmark conservancy agreement was reached at the COP15 conference.

$35B was pledged globally in the agreement to preserve biodiversity.  Despite this astronomical figure, studies indicate that this effort presents a 5:1 cost benefit for the future of the global economy.


  • 30% Conservancy Agreement Reached
  • 1.7 Million+ Impressions Generated
  • Pledge to Secure Earth's Food Supply 

Crystal Patterson joins Donie O'Sullivan on CNN Business to Discuss Trump's Facebook Ban

WMG President Crystal Patterson joined CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan and Katie Harbath on CNN Business to discuss Facebook’s upcoming decision to possibly reinstate former President Trump’s access to the platform.

Watch the clip here:

Bill Romanelli joins Washington Media Group

Bill Romanelli

Senior Vice President and Managing Director

Bill Romanelli joins WMG as Senior Vice President and Managing Director in Sacramento, CA.  His background includes more than 30 years’ experience in public affairs consulting.  Bill develops, implements and manages complex political, regulatory and public opinion campaigns. At WMG, Bill provides expertise in strategy and ally development, grassroots outreach, crisis communications, public participation, litigation support, opinion research, digital communications, and media relations—where he trains executives on how to work with the press and serves as an on-the record media spokesperson. An award-winning writer, Bill works with clients to identify and refine the strongest messages with respect to each client’s key stakeholders.

Driving Election Results with Social Media Video

Client: Shea Homes

Services Rendered

  • Video Production
  • Direct Mail
  • Coalition Building

In 2019, WMG was tasked with convincing homeowners in a 55+ retirement community in Arizona to vote for annexation into an established nearby city.  If no action was taken, the community would be enveloped by a newly incorporated city with little to no infrastructure.  Raising property taxes to pay for long term infrastructure projects and schools was not in the best interest of the community.  The community was simply being targeted by developers to quickly increase the tax base and fund the construction of a new city.

We interviewed concerned residents and helped document their concerns with being incorporated into a new city.  There were serious questions about safety as there was a clear contrast in the quality of emergency services between a long established city and the surrounding unincorporated land.  The residents were more than willing to pay their fair share of property taxes to enjoy the existing amenities nearby.  It made little sense to be on the hook for longterm construction projects that they likely would never see to completion.

The interviews were compiled into a video campaign that made the case for annexation over incorporation.  As a result of the campaign, enough holdout residents were swayed away from unfounded promises of increased property values from a city commissioner who essentially viewed the retirement community as an ATM machine.  The retirement community successfully petitioned its annexation into the established city nearby to the benefit of residents as well as the developers.


  • Successful Annexation into Queen Creek
  • Decreased Tax Burden for Retirees
  • Superior Access to Emergency Services