Introducing the WMG Podcast

E1: Southwest Airlines Holiday Meltdown


  • Crisis Communications
  • Customer Retention
  • Reputation Management

At the end of 2022, Southwest Airlines endured a weather-related shutdown exacerbated by pandemic conditions.  The result was thousands of flight cancellations over multiple days to the tune of a loss of over $800M in revenue.

Customers were rightly upset, as they were forced to cancel or alter their holiday travel plans.  The airline has tried to set things right with customers, but not before regulatory bodies began investigating the causes of this crisis.

Will customers come back to Southwest?  Have they earned enough goodwill from a decades long effort to be the top affordable choice for air travel in the US?  The WMG investigates the crisis, the company response, and what it will take for Southwest Airline customers to consider it their top choice for travel once again.